Monday, 1 December 2014

The Body Shop Christmas Wishes

First Christmas wish is Education

The Body Shop is donating to the charity War Child UK to help send a child to class with every specially selected gift bought such as the Schoolbook coffrets: The Schoolbook of Joy, Peace and Love. Price £15

The 2nd Christmas wish is to have Christmas every day with The Body Shop advent calendar:
Price £50 with goodies inside worth £83

The 3rd Christmas wish is to give a gift that Wows them. The ultimate gift is to make up your own coffret with items you know they will like

The 4th Christmas wish is Candy. Sweeten them up with the latest fragrance: Glazed Apple

The 5th Christmas wish to Doll Yourself Up!! This cute lip and cheek doll will not only bring colour to your cheeks, but will also look great on your beauty shelf

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