Monday, 1 December 2014

The Latest Musk Fragrance from The Body shop

The latest musk from The Body Shop is Red Musk - Scandal in a Bottle!

This scandalous blend of spiced musk has notes of hot pepper, spiced cinnamon and smoky tobacco - No flower allowed!!!

In lipstick red packaging this is definitely for girls on Santa's naughty list.

But is Red Musk is too hot for you to handle and you want to be on Santa's good list, go for the iconic but innocent (Snow) White Musk - classic, pure and sensual. Pure as it was the first fragrance with man made cruelty free musk.

Launched in the early 80s, The Body Shop paid homage to the White Musk with a mock up 80s trendy lounge with lava and curved lamps, purple walls and the record player being the key focus for all those hip parties.

In 2011, the White Musk Libertine was launched with a French twist: a playful blend of musk and baby orchid notes.

Here set in a French Boudoir with a view of the garden of Versailles to reflect its sweet romantic fragrance of honey, rose, almonds and whipped cream.

In 2013, the White Musk Smoky Rose was launched, a seductive oriental floral with notes of Black Rose and Tobacco flower.

This time the scene is the 1920's New York nightclub scene of the popular and heady The Cotton Club in Harlem.

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