Saturday, 18 April 2015

Hayfever Essentials‏

Summer is arriving and temperatures are soaring. While many will be enjoying the warm, dry weather, others will be dreading the start of the hay fever season.

 Stop pollen in its tracks - Care+ Allergy Defence
This natural, antihistamine and steroid-free powder nasal spray works by reacting with the moisture within the nose, creating an invisible thin, protective gel barrier.
 It prevents allergens from coming into direct contact with the nasal membrane and encouraging the production of histamine. It helps reduce the symptoms of birch pollen and grass pollen.
Price £5.99 (200 sprays), Morrison’s and Holland & Barrett

Stop that itchy throat – Ultra Chloraseptic

One of the most forgotten, yet painful, hay fever symptoms is the sore throat
 Ultra Chloraseptic® Anaesthetic Throat Sprays help ease the pain of a sore throat by going directly to the site of the pain for fast, effective and targeted relief. The product contains the active ingredient Benzocaine which is a local anaesthetic used to numb the pain.
 Ultra Chloraseptic costs £5.75, with each bottle containing more than 100 sprays (30 adult doses) and is available from Boots.

Dry your eyes – Murine Hay fever Relief Eye Drops 

To stop itchy, red and watery eyes in their tracks, try prescription strength Murine Hay fever Relief Eye Drops with Sodium Cromoglicate which reduces the body’s response to hay fever by stopping the production of histamines and in turn prevents the symptoms, such as itchy, red and watery eyes, from developing.
Murine Hay fever Relief Eye Drops provides a straight forward, rapid and effective means of reducing eye discomfort caused by hay fever symptoms.
Sodium cromoglicate helps reduce the body’s response to the hay fever allergy and provide relief from itching and reduce redness.
Tip: Most eye drops for hay fever symptoms are not suitable for use with contact lenses. Use the drops first and then put your contacts in 15 minutes later.

The natural solution – Pycnogenol 
Pycnogenol®, an antioxidant pine bark extract helps improves the symptoms of hay fever caused by birch pollen.
 Pycnogenol® naturally relieves eye and nasal symptoms of hay-fever patients owing to lower pollen-specific antibodies, particularly for ocular and nasal distress.
 Price  £17.99 for 30  capsules  from Holland and Barrett Direct link

 The natural solution – Nature’s Best Quercitin
Nature’s Best Quercetin is the preventative approach for hayfever sufferers to avoid allergic symptoms. “Quercetin inhibits the release of histamine, making it nature’s anti-histamine,” explains Nutritionist Dr Sam Christie. “Quercetin is a member of the flavonoid family of plant pigments and is found in relatively generous amounts in foods such as onions, apples and black tea. Flavonoids are hugely important to the health of our bodies as they neutralise free radicals so they become less reactive compounds. These antioxidant properties inhibit the production and release of histamines.”
 Nature’s Best Quercetin is £12.95 for 60 tablets (500mg).

 Prevent Hayfever in your home HoMedics Air Purifier 

The NEW HoMedics Brethe Air Purifier with Nano Coil Technology helps remove up to 99% of pollen to reduce symptoms of allergies and hay fever.
The technology includes an advanced three stage filtration system:
1. A pre filter to capture pet dander and larger allergens
2. A carbon filter to remove and reduce household toxins and odours 3. A nano coil filter to kill cold and flu viruses
It also includes four air cleaning settings including Turbo and Quiet to ensure the device suits all home environments.

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