Saturday, 13 June 2015

Winchester School of Art BA (Hons) Fashion Show 2015

Winchester School of Art (WSA), one of the UK’s leading Art & Design institutions held their 2015 BA Fashion & Textiles Graduate Show at The Yard at Shoreditch.

Amy Winwood - Divine Glamour

Laura Gregory - Liberating Repression

Qian Yuy Xu - Monkey King Fight with Little Monsters

Odella Yue - Galaxy Racer Club

Alexander Scott-Wilds - Fame Kills

Rong Hong - Rurouni Kenshin

Lucy McCann (knitwear)  - Murmuration

Amy Robinson - Demon Daydream

Amy Konig - Of a single block

Amy Carlin - Communicating in Silence

Xiaohan Xie - The Colourful Accident

Jiening Dou - Tibet Atmosphere

Yvonne Tu - Life's Facade

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