Tuesday, 29 September 2015

C. J. Yao SS16 at London Fashion Week

Titled 3721, the concept of the collection is to capture the rush of hot blood and excitement from acting on impulse: how the Chinese like to say 'I don't think too much into it and just went ahead and did it!'

C. J. Yao hopes to translate this impulsive energy and essence of youth culture with her design.
This season encompasses street and sports chic

Deconstructive tassles and inside out pieces demonstrate the desire to break free and be different.

Incorporating wearable denim, breathable and organic fabrics including linen to present the most primal yet ambitions idea of 'self'

A sense of mystery is implied by numbers with special meanings: Perfect 777 - the number that holds the universe together

Dimensional detail of the collars and skirts indicate a futuristic notion of time

A collaboration with YVMIN for accessories

Footwear by ECCO

Watch the finale of the catwalk show on the below video:

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