Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Marko Mitanovski SS16 Collection at London Fashion Week

SS16 was inspired by the amorphous forms found in nature and contemplates the phenomena of pain and fear.

Focusing on the visualisation of cathartic pain release, expressionist artist Munch's The Scream' (Check out the screaming face on the model's chest- below image)

and Hitchcock's films 'The Birds' and 'Psycho' helped build the collections dramatic and organic form and texture (Check out the birds perched on the model's shoulders - below image)

Fabrics used: leather and latex

Marko collaborated with four sculptors: Sonja Gajic, Ivan Stevanovic, Miki Lakobrija and Milam Stosic who contributed to the illustration of abstract shapes and figuration of emotions throughout the collection.

Headpieces were created by jewellery brand De Mode

Shoes by Lilu
Watch the below video for the finale of the catwalk show:

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