Saturday, 12 November 2016

PRITCH London launches Lounge Wear

PRITCH London launches its newest product category of Lounge Wear "#PritchAdventures" and celebrate the ‘jet-setter’ lifestyle of many of its devotees.

Initially specializing in all things leather, PRITCH London is branching out towards more relaxed, casual styles, embracing the air of ‘comfortable cool’.

The PritchAdventures campaign invites people from all over the world to share their travels via social media platforms, promoting the essence and vibrancy of one’s adventure.
 PRITCH London has created a signature ‘travel-kit’, containing the tracksuit set and a limited edition branded leather sleeping-mask.
 The jersey-tracksuits included in the set reflect the brand’s dedication to quality and impeccable design, and come in a variety of wearable colours from dark greys to light baby blue.
 The set makes an excellent gift for those valuing both style and comfort, making it a valuable addition to the wardrobes of fashion-forward women with passion for travelling and jet-setter lifestyle.
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