Monday, 6 November 2017

SABINNA SS18 Collection at London Fashion Week

Titled 'Objective Memories' SABINNA SS18 is an emotional journey into memories, drawing inspiration from objects in the past and the emotional connection to their owners and others around them.

Fast fashion is not the SABINNA girl, as designer Sabinna Rachimova creates a collection showing how people can feel connected to garments, that have importance and worth. Buttons are decorative as well as functional in the form of sliver shiny discs or coloured enamel flowers.

Patterns feature childlike daisy prints

And models hug pillows as though they are holding on to their childhood memories.

Sabinna looked into items she has had since childhood and has kept even when moving house or going abroad. These include a letter from her grandma, a necklace and a ring. Using these as references she thought about the lessons and traditional Russian techniques her grandma passed down to her and brought these into the design of the collection.

Art works from Mar Gorman, Celia Pym and Oliver Jeffers inspired the collection's colour palette and general mood.

Colour palette included pale blues and pinks along with stronger colour blocks of blood red and navy

as well as light blue denim

Key pieces include knee length dresses with gathers and pleats

 in block colours blood red and navy , as well as denim and in double sided woven floral design.
SABINNA's signature knitwear is seen in the form of sweaters with layered neck detailing

and in a new interpretation of crotchet flowers - a mix of lace and merino wool.

Photography by Simon Armstrong

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