Monday, 24 May 2010

There’s a bug on her shoe!!!

In ancient Egypt the Scarab Beetle was considered sacred and symbolised hope and the restoration of life. Also known as dung beetles, they were not only represented in clay and stone but also precious gems as the Egyptians fashioned scarab images in to jewellery and amulets.

Now I don’t know if the bug on Kirk Geiger’s Jitterbug peep toe is a scarab but it clearly is impressive and ready to be worshiped and admired by all shoeaholics.
The bugs are nestled in the centre of bows of classic black, light Egyptian blue or an orangey salmon satin, whilst the golden high heels add to the glamorous feel. Is it no wonder my niece fell head over golden heels in love with them?

Luckily 10 minutes before she’d also fallen in love with a Ted Baker multi coloured strapless pleat printed dress which was crying out for a pair of orange statement shoes.
However true love never runs smoothly and we had many obstacles to face before our happy ending.
The first obstacle was the store didn’t have her size in the shoes!! So began our quest around London to find the right size. Luckily the South Molten St. store was our knight in shining armour.

The second obstacle was the strapless dress wouldn’t stay in place (note for future strapless dresses – get a light weight one). Due to the pleats the dress had some weight and kept pulling down slightly. We tried several strapless bras but although they supported the weight of the dress, the actual style of the dress went against the new cleavage formed by the bra and flattened the bust. So out went the bras and in came lots of sticky tape. (Note: The dress does come with thin straps for those who don’t want to risk the tape alone.)

Now to accessorize – decided on bangles and wanted to bring out the more subdued blue in the dress so as not to fight with the salmon shoes for attention (as thought the bangles would win??) Could we find blue with gold? No, only with silver (remember golden heels). But perseverance prevailed and we found a better alternative with bangles by Club Mood in Debenhams – several slim bangles of blue, pink, green and light brown with gold, - all the colours in the dress yay!!!
No handbag you may ask? Well she already had a small plain navy shoulder bag with a thin gold chain which was perfect for the outfit – great saving and shows you don’t always have to buy the whole outfit.

Going back to our salmon shoes – not a colour that would go with many outfits. Well I think you’d be surprised and to prove it we found another Ted Baker dress in deep purple with a tropical print tie waist which looks great with them.

So after 5 hours of intensive shopping, we came home, changed and transformed in to an Egyptian Goddess (well my niece anyway). And off we went for a night in Covent Garden, a chance to show off the outfit.

Not exactly a great place for high heels (lots of cobbled stones) but to her credit, she didn’t complain too much.
 Well not that I could hear whilst skipping happily ahead in my pink satin flat ballerina shoes from Cocorose.

Modeled by Jane for

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