Sunday, 20 May 2012

G-Star Raw's Baseball Jacket - Summer's Hottest Style

Women's Pink Baseball Jacket - available soon.
Women's Dark Grape East Rovic jacket available now. Price £139. In their Laundry Army range inspired by parachute jumping. In new naruto sateen
Paired with Spin Lace trainer pumps in sueded. Price £60. Colour shown light blue but also available in red or navy (great if you want to be patriotic for the Jubilee and Olympics).
And for the guys:
Mens Raw Correct Line Baseball King Bomber jacket available now. Price £169.
Teamed with Campus Courier Prowl Drill Mid cut vintage style trainerwith fabric upper. Price £65. shown here in white, but also available in dark grey and black (price goes up to £70 for black & grey)


  1. Your posts are really cool! You should make the margins of your blog bigger so all images fit ;)



  2. These are pretty cool, I love that kind of jacket.

  3. LOL! I know but unfortunately I'm not that techy and don't know how to. I keep trying tho so maybe one day I'll work it out:)



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