Thursday, 24 May 2012

New Clothing Label ISWAI by Caggie Dunlop

Performer and former star of Made in Chelsea Caggie Dunlop has created the new clothing label, ISWAI.
ISWAI – It Starts With An Idea, is an clothing label with a difference, it's a fashion community where the aim is to invite anyone and everyone to join it.

ISWAI’S first limited collection of t-shirts is called ‘five ways’
 Caggie set out five themes close to her heart and invited anyone to send her their designs. She then handpicked four and created the fifth design herself. The five themes are: New York, Rebellion,  Da Vinci, The Universe and Religion. 
The limited stock of t-shirts are available from
and will be sent in beautiful packages with a hand signed postcard from Caggie.
 Price £42
The next collection of tee-shirts is under development and will be titled “l’Esprit de l’Escalier” for which design ideas will again be invited.
Caggie Says, “I just had an idea- rather than attaching my name to a label and have no creative input I thought I’d give my name to those who can’t get a break, and platform some of the amazing talent that otherwise might go unnoticed.  And the concept is taking off already. It doesn’t rely on any fashion heavyweights, it’s just about having fun- being creative and expressing yourself. And it is completely in the hands of the youth today, which personally, I find very exciting”

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