Monday, 28 May 2012

JAMES BLUNT ATTENDS LONDON-BOUTIQUES.COM LAUNCH EVENT celebrated the launch of their online platform where shoppers can check out and buy items from all of London’s Best Boutiques and designer talent under one virtual roof.

The launch party took place at Le Baron nightclub on Old Burlington Street.
Who attended? Well obviously there was Yours Truly who you can find propping up the bar in the above image.

Singer- songwriter James Blunt

Model and presenter Jade Parfitt
Other guests included Henry Conway, Lizzie Cundy, Katya Virshilas, Mariella Fostrup, Antonia O'Brien and Diego (Made In Chelsea).

To drink: Black Moth Vodka cocktails. To lick: very strong Margarita ice creams

Tina Lake, Founder of comments;(seen above with Henry Conway)  ‘Tonight has been such a success, it has been brilliant to have the opportunity to celebrate the launch of with such a fantastic turn-out, and I’m sure that this is a great sign of things to come. London is such a vibrant place to be at the moment, and it’s great to be able to support and represent that on our site. I am very excited about the future of, myself and the team are looking forward to things to come.’

A great night and at the end sent home with a goody bag:
WHAT WAS IN THE GOODY BAGS: Neom Candles, Kit Heath Bracelet, and Couture Cookies which I didn't feel guilty eating as followed with the healthy Detox Kitchen drink also in the goody bag.



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