Sunday, 6 January 2013

Eugene.Lin Spring/Summer 13 collection - The Judgement of Paris

Inspired by paintings and idealistic moralities of The Judgement of Paris, Eugene Lin reimagines the tale in the modern 21st Century.

Lin's cutting techniques show the collection pieces as distorted and echo the state of undress of the goddesses Hera, Athena and Aphrodite as they each try to persuade Paris to choose them as the fairest one of all. 

Outwear is deconstructed into dresses and tops with a strong emphasis on belted waists and slim body con silhouettes.

A rich colour palette of earth tones; gold and black and soft pink interpret the three personalities of the goddesses

Lin's digital prints show the golden apple which started the argument of who was the fairest one Eris the goddess of discord had inscribed the apple with 'for the fairest one' when she was not invited to the marriage of Achilles' parents and threw it in to the party.

Don't you just love the patterned leggings and matching shoes!

Eugene Lin is stocked by online boutiques:

Photography by Christopher Dadey  

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