Friday, 4 January 2013

Jena Theo Spring/Summer 2013

Titled 'Hell's Angel', this collection tells of a strong and assertive woman living in close harmony with her environment.
And that includes spiders, insects and crustaceans which if you look closely you can find hidden in the designs.

the Jena Theo woman reflects and responds to the world around her with the clothes she wears by combining striking architectural silhouettes with the hand rendered tattoo print and abstract work of the artist O.Two.

Blending delicate organza and spun silks with the hardier latex;

Striking a glittering silhouette in glass beading and sequins.

And using hand-pulled screen printing and digital prints for a relaxed and soft cosmic effect.

Standing out from the herd are the cowhide pieces;

Another tactile showstopper is this honeycomb dress :

The main colour palette is of neutral nudes and blacks with a light summery accent of tangerine and citrus tones:

Denim is not far away as they incorporate key pieces from their new denim range in to the collection:.

Stockists in the UK are Wolf and Badger.
For stockists outside the UK check the website:

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