Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Nova Chiu Spring/Summer 2013 collection

This is one glorious way to show off your holiday snaps! Using images from their travels, the designer duo Nova Chiu and Jeff Archer created digital enhanced landscape prints for their fabrics. 
Photographer Kean Diao
  Scenes of mountains, forests, streams and sunsets are brought to life in vivid colours by manipulating the colours and printing on fabrics of silk, satin, cotton and Spandex.
Photographer Kean Diao

The above skirt  uses strips of plastic for a pleated effect. Great to look at but maybe hard to sit down in.

 Scrunched and ruched neon organza as shown above adds texture but also creates a camera filter effect as it partly covers the prints.

Colour palette is cheerfully bright with pink, green, orange, blue, yellow and purple.

The prints add fun and ensure that the minimalistic and classic look of the collection is not taken too seriously

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  1. This is so colorful, a bit too much color for me today.



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