Tuesday, 22 April 2014

CASADEI A/W 2014-2015

Inspired by two worlds:
The parties thrown by Cole Porter in Venice in the Roaring Twenties. The cabaret ensembles of the international actresses, stars and socialites that crossed the San Marco Canal on gondolas to reach palaces ablaze with candlelight.
And also the vintage yet contemporary beat of Daft Punk’s latest album and the eclectic glamour of the band’s electronic rock music that has cast its spell over the today generations.

The contrastive twist is immediately noticeable in the details. Reminiscent of the whirly-twirly decorative motifs of the Venetian gondolas, the toes and heels of gold coronate the sculptural intarsia effect. While, in diametric opposition, the golden filigree motifs that adorn the heels emphasize the game of solid and transparent. Gold, silver and copper chains and lustrous metal elements mingle with python and nude-effect mesh inserts to continue the dichotomy.

 The suede pumps seem to be airbrushed with the warm and dense colours of the makeup worn by women in the Twenties, creating a symphony of sensual and sophisticated shades that range from fuchsia to coffee and from grape to aubergine.

Daytime shoes tread a lot more ground in this collection with softer styles, such as the brand new camperos style, that are perfect for the everyday. The constructions add the final polish to the original inspiration. On the one side, stiletto or cylindrical rock heels; on the other, a new construction that is essentially a three-part plateau, in the manner of a bridge designed by a famous architect. The first part stops after the toe and then snakes under the instep, stopping for breath before resuming its journey under the spectacular yet comfortable heel. The virtuoso finale to a symphony of opposites.

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