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La Redoute Shares 7 Secrets to French Style And I Share My Own Favourite Style Tip.

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My Favourite Style Tip is Don’t be a Fashion Victim
It is so easy to get carried away with all the latest trends, designer labels and ‘Must Have’s that we often forget what makes us look fabulous; what is OK but nothing special and what absolutely looks terrible on us.

So how do we stop becoming a fashion victim?
Rule no 1: Shop for your body shape and colouring
When you try on the latest trend, step back and really look closely at yourself in the mirror including your face. Is the colour draining your complexion or is the colour making it radiant? We want youthful and beautiful radiance!!
Does the style flatter your body shape? I'm not talking about the little lumps and bumps we all have, but if that 60s style shift dress is turning your curvaceous figure into a box shape, then go for the more fit and flare style instead.

Rule no 2: Read La Redoute's The Secrets to French style

This shows you 7 wardrobe staples that will help you achieve the chic look French women do so well. These staples are your wardrobe foundation and will last many seasons.

Rule no 3: Introduce some seasonal trends to your wardrobe staples to keep fresh and updated.
This can be just a scarf or a piece of jewellery it doesn’t have to be big or expensive .

For example: The Trench coat and the white shirt mentioned in La Redoute's The Secret to French Style

The trench coat is a classic staple.

 Usually in neutral shades of beige or black, this is an ideal canvas to add a pop of colour by means of a scarf, brooch or statement bag. 

There are many colour trends this season ranging from white and pastels to the bold brights, so you are bound to find one that will suit and flatter your complexion.

The tropical trend is hot this season so get the look with just a Tropical print scarf
Price £21

Bags can be any latest colour you want as they are not close to your face so don’t need to suit your complexion.

The fringed suede bucket bag comes in fuchsia, bright blue as well as the classic camel and black.

 Price £95

 Link to the fringed suede bucket bag

 You can even change the belt for a skinny or wide leather belt to create your own unique style.


 The crisp white shirt is so versatile.

Wear with casual jeans or with a smart pair of trousers or skirt.
Statement jewellery is BIG news at the moment and looks so glamorous yet understated over a white shirt.
Balsamik Beaded Bib necklace in trendy orange. Price £19
 Direct link to orange beaded bib necklace

 A chunky necklace may overwhelm the small frame so then just layer up with several fine necklaces of different lengths to get the same effect.

 This Balsamik multi strand necklace actually
does it all for you!
Price £25
 Direct link to multi strand necklace

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