Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Do You Know Who Made Your Clothes - Fashion Revolution Day

We wear our clothes to express ourselves and tell a story, but do we ever stop and wonder about the story of where they actually came from or who made them?

On 24th April last year, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In memory of the Rana Plaza disaster victims, Fashion Revolution Day has been created to promote transparency across the supply chain and to encourage everybody to stop and ask for a moment: WHO MADE YOUR CLOTHES?

Raising awareness and showing their support for the very first of many Fashion Revolution Days to come, Calico PR’s creative team created a shoot using a selection of ethical and sustainable brands. From clothing to shoes, accessories and even underwear, the UK based brands show how the entire wardrobe can now be gentle on the skin, the environment and still look bang on trend!

Fashion Revolution Day aims to celebrate fashion as a positive influence. On Thursday 24 April 2014, the first Fashion Revolution Day, ask people to be curious in the way they see their clothes. One of the simplest ways suggested is to get people to turn an item of clothing inside-out for the day, to reveal the labels which show where their clothes were made. What will you do to show your support?  #InsideOut

From left to right model wears: Grace, Augustine London, Bibico, Grace, Bibico.
Jewellery available from Oria Jewellery.
Bags available from Girl with Beads.
Shoes available from Beyond Skin.
Photography by Ana Gely A.
Hair and Make Up by Valentina Syed.
  • Augustine London: With a compelling dream, British lingerie brand Augustine London, dreams of creating a community of women who, by wrapping themselves every day in beautiful, sustainable and comfortable lingerie pieces, will feel inspired and empowered to achieve their own dreams. Established since 2012, using an eclectic mix of primarily organic cotton and end-line laces and mesh, Augustine London’s collection is soft to the touch, gentle on the skin, and friendly to the environment.
  • Bibico: BĂ­bico make fresh and uncomplicated garments in natural fabrics woven in fair trade cooperatives. Bibico garments are made for every day. Bibico believe that less is more & keeping things simple is the best way. Simple clothes with unique details that make them special.
  • Grace: Focusing on the real women, with a vintage style, Grace caters in sizes ranging from 6 to 24. Each piece of clothing is considered very carefully throughout the manufacturing process for their impact on the people in the production cycle and the impact on the environment. Believing that one day design integrity will become mainstream, the brand uses only organic and fair trade products. The details include locally sourced Nottingham lace and water based eco friendly prints.
  • Fashion Revolution Shoot “Who Made Your Clothes” was organized by Calico PR’s creative team. Calico PR is a division of Calico Ventures, which is focused on making a success of fashion brands. The dedicated team provides quality support and mentoring along with crucial tools such as sales, marketing and press to fit the budgets of emerging designers and established brands.
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