Monday, 26 May 2014

Wear Art on your feet with Summer trainers from Bucketfeet

Chicago based brand, Bucketfeet, has a mission to find innovative new artists and collaborate with them on every design released ensuring a unique product which supports artists worldwide. With each shoe purchased, a portion goes directly back to the individual artist to support their career.

Bucketfeet Aspara 
Monochrome meets angles, dots and curves. Designed by Lisa Mam, Cambodia’s first Khmer female Urban Street artist. Lisa aka Lil Dots states that she is helping a new urban art movement grow in her hometown Phnom Penh City and wants Khmer Graffiti and Street Art to be seen all around the world.
Bucketfeet Vidaboa
A pioneer in the graffiti scene in Rio de Janeiro, artist Marcelo Ment’s pattern utilizes positive words and is a playful take on the city’s countless favelas. Rio sees graffiti as a tool to bring an experience of art to all people, especially in places where young people have few positive things in their life. Ment is among those who take their work to the streets and places where art is not normally seen, exchanging knowledge and experiences.
Bucketfeet Pasco
French artist Olivier Vouzellaud, better known as Yamas, shows his distinct style of abstract art and geometric shapes on this slip on trainer.

Bucketfeet Barca
Designed by Spanish artist Zosen, this lace up trainer has a colourful canvas telling the tale of his love of old school skate, Latin America, African masks, music and people.

Bucketfeet Duckies
Striped of colour, Duckies feature a simple hand drawn black duck print adding a touch of fun to the otherwise conservative white trainers. You may not be able to see in from this image but on the trainer’s tongue is the face of Duckie wearing sunglasses. By Florida artist Okat

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