Sunday, 26 October 2014

Bernard Chandran Spring/summer 2015

Titled ‘Venus in the Daytime’, Bernard Chandran has transformed the ethereal Roman goddess of love into an edgier Urban Goddess. 

Inspired by the great couturier Madame Gres who is renowned for her use of delicate pleats to turn ordinary fabric into a form of Greek sculpture, Chandran designed his collections around the classical flat pleat and draping.

Emulating this pleating technique to sculpt the structured corset frame on to the front of shirts, tops and dresses, Chandran created the illusion of breastplate armour for his goddess.

Fabrics used included Madame Gres’ favourite silk jersey alongside a mixture of laser cut leather, lace, cotton and silk.

Laser cut cork added a modern twist.

Colour palette started with the purity of whites in satin or cotton, and in true goddess of love style, some with tantalising diaphanous panels

Followed on with black representing the goddess’ darker and tougher side.

Accents of oranges, yellows and reds showed this goddess can have a fiery temper.  Dramatised with black beads arranged in linear designs.

As though she has found tranquillity and reflection, the collection ends in subdued blush shades and prints of the goddess herself

Coins were the key focus for accessories creating statement necklaces and embellishments on transparent handbags

Photographer: Simon Armstrong

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