Sunday, 4 January 2015

Jamie We:Huang SS15 Collection - Metaphysics

Tilted 'Metaphysics' Jamie We; Huang was inspired by the basic idea of the human existence in urban society.

SS15 collection takes the fundamentals of a variety of sporting uniform and equipment varying from bicycle bags, skiwear and basketball shorts, then combines with elements inspired from industry professions such as the London banker.

Fabrics juxtapose as refined silk jacquard is adorned with delicate Nappa leather details.

Key features are the leather harness straps.
Left: Pink Harness top with pink Alice shorts and white bike bag  worn around the waist.
Right: Sapphire blue Harness jumper with navy Alice shorts and clutch. Leather harness straps are corrugated around the shoulder.

A mix of textures with smooth Nappa leather and Toscana sheepskin.
Left: Marble leather Harness v neck dress. Leather straps are corrugated and adorned with metal rings at the end. Model carrying black bike bag and wearing leather bracelets debossed with the designer's name.
Right: Nappa crop top with loose hem, Black leather pencil skirt adorned with sapphire blue sheepskin.  Black bike bag worn around the waist.

Left: Boyfriend shirt and pink culottes
Right: Sapphire blue bomber jacket with Nappa leather crop top and jacquard skinny trousers.

The collection is now available to buy via

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