Thursday, 15 January 2015

Ong-Oaj Paraim SS15 Collection

For SS15, Ong-Oaj Paraim was inspired by his fragmented memories of growing up alongside his family’s Noodle factory in Nakhon Ratichasima, Thailand. Memories that Ong-Oag pieced together with a dream like logic.

An air of childlike innocence starts the show as first on the catwalk are doll like dresses in baby pink with dropped waists and a delicate Cherry Blossom print. Hand sewn organza Cherry Blossom appliqués cluster around the hemline in true Ong-Oaj signature style.

Pleated mini skirts and dresses with blazers are reminiscent of the school uniform showing a clean cut preppy style but also the start of a rebellious punk teenager with the inclusion of bright metallic leather, an untucked blouse and large looser pleats.

Body skimming knee length dresses shed the innocence with a more sophisticated style. 

Signature dresses of the collection give a nod to the Thai Sabai (a long piece of silk which is draped over one shoulder and down the back), Ong-Oaj has updated the style allowing the silk sash to fall over the front and drape at the side.  In dusky pink moiré silk.

Colour palette is inspired by the vivid pinks, greens and blues of the local street food markets and pastel hues faded by the tropical sun.

With his family’s noodle factory in mind, utilitarian functional work wear is present with boiler suits and parkas in luxurious fabrics such as moiré and in shades of pastel pinks, blues and fresh mint green.

Inspired by the lucky goldfish bowl outside the family’s factory, Ong-Oaj’s designs a tropical fish print for his leather sleeved trench coat. As though the fish is growing, the print is enlarged in a bomber jacket (seen further below) and palazzo pants (seen above right image).

Brought up surrounded by many different oriental cultures and traditions, Japanese and Chinese influence can be seen in the collection. A print features rows of Samurai warriors in silhouette softened by pastel hues.  Knee high gladiator boots with kitten heels also have a touch of Japanese inspiration with hand painted designs and Samurai style stitching.

Wide legged culottes and trousers are a modern take of the Japanese Hakama pants using softer fabric for fluidity. Ong-Oaj keeps the deep pleats at the front and back for fullness and the front tie. When the model turns around, the traditional wide and semi rigid trapezoid section can be seen on the waistband, more to be aesthetically pleasing rather than the original reason of support for the back.

East meets West as the Chinese Cheongsam (or Mandarin) dress is transformed in to a long flowing evening gown. The print is a combination of Chinese symbols and Ong-Oaj’s tropical fish surrounded by French Baroque style frames.

Evening wear shows a feminine and empowered woman.  Flowing sunray pleated floor length skirts are teamed with structured boned bodices. Teamed with the gladiator boots, the models look ready to storm the dance floor.

Couture ball gowns juxtapose with full fairy tale skirts and a strong bustier bodice.  The use of the tropical goldfish (seen on top image) and Chinese symbol (above image) prints adds a touch of the Orient.

And let's not forget Ong-Oaj's love of the 50’s, he can’t help adding a retro style swimsuit under a diaphanous and hand embroidered silk swing skirt.

Contact Ong-Oaj directly for a made to measure piece.
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