Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Designer Beachwear - Ong-Oaj Paraim SS15

For SS15, Ong-Oaj introduced beachwear in to his collection. Not sure they are designed for swimming (fabrics include silk moire), but more for lounging around the pool sipping cocktails.

And when you've finished lounging around, just pop on a skirt as the bustier style top of the above swimsuit would make a glamorous bodice for the evening.

The boned corset look of the above pink bathing suit would also transition from day to a stunning evening top.

Ong-Oaj brings his love of the 50s with a fifties inspired bikini top worn with palazzo pants and a futuristic organza skirt. Under the diaphanous skirt, the high waisted bikini bottoms can be seen. Designed by Ong-Oaj, the print is of the delicate Cheery Blossom.

Shorts are short and skirt like with two large pleats at the front. Print of the top is of Samurai silhouettes in a row.

Contact Ong-Oaj directly for a made to measure piece.
Tel: 07584 195 453

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