Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Seven Cocktails for Seven Fragrances at the Cafe Royal with Givenchy

To complement the seven fine fragrances of  Givenchy's exclusive  L’ Atelier de Givenchy collection, the Green Bar at Cafe Royal has created seven smooth cocktails which mirror  their essence. This week I had the opportunity to taste some of the cocktails.

These cocktails price £13 are only available until 31 March.

L'atelier de Givenchy was created to evoke the feel of Givenchy Haute Couture style in a bottle with its top is in the shape of a cotton. Now the seven fragrances too have their essence captured in a cocktail.

Chypre Caresse

Fragrance:  Crystalline lemon flesh, jasmine dew, green accent of angelica and patchouli.  Top notes are subtle and fresh with base note revealing a deep woody character.  
It is the interpretation of a delicate pink Haute Couture gown with flowing diaphanous pleats, fine embroidery and evanescent feathers.

Cocktail: Gin, jasmine, lemon citrus and subtle yet rich notes of honey.  If you're wondering about the button on the napkin - this is the fragrance testing button.

Bois Martial 

Fragrance: Inspired by structured, architectural cuts and a minimalist and sometimes androgynous style, this fragrance uses a wood seldom used in perfumery: creamy coconut wood. 
Top and heart notes are creamy and sweet with coconut wood and pineapple sage before it submits to the intense minimalistic dry down of cedar wood

Cocktail: Jamaican rum, pineapple and sage leaves.

Ylang Austral 

Fragrance: Inspired by structural precision with freely chosen  materials, Exotic, chic and radical scent of luxurious woody floral warmth.
It starts with a classic fruity green mandarin leaves, moving to the heart: ylang ylang  and then envelopes the senses in a woody base of sandalwood 

Cocktail: Rum, sour apple sherbert, orange, curacao and mandarin oils.

Ambre Tigre

Fragrance:  It evokes the magnetic sensuality of Givenchy Couture  fur, leather and animal prints with amber whilst the vanilla and cistus labdanum softens the fervour to show this intoxicating feline can be a pussy cat (when she wants to be) and purr!

Cocktail: Rye American vodka, Dutch honey whisky and English amber beer

Neroli Originel 

Fragrance: Inspired by the elegant taffeta  ball gown worn by Givenchy’s first muse Audrey Hepburn starting with the powdery kiss of Tunisian neroli, the elegant caress of  iris which is then enveloped with the rich smoothness of musk-vanilla.  

Cocktail: Cognac, vanilla, lemon and essential oils from bitter orange. 

Cuir Blanc 

Fragrance: Inspired by leather gloves, the original profession of the Givenchy House and the ancestral  embodiment of French luxury, notes include  white leather, white pepper and white musk

Cocktail: Martini with Siberian pine needle extract,.

Oud Flamboyant 

Fragrance: With an oriental and mysterious spirit, this fragrance represents precious sparkling embroidery and golden brown fabrics on an Haute Couture gown. The oriental Oud gives the fragrance its dazzling heart blended with labdanum  ciste and smoky aroma of leather for truly magical evening fragrance.

Cocktail: Japanese whisky and mandarin juice

The fragrances are £150 and exclusive to Harrods:

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