Monday, 30 November 2015

GEOX NEBULA- the shoe to travel the world

The new Geox Nebula is an all-season shoe which combines quality, comfort and creativity in a casual and versatile design.

These light shoes are designed for walking anywhere and under any climatic conditions due to the conept of 3 dimensional breathing: the Inner Breathing System, the Net Breathing System and the 3D Performance Unit.

The special inner lining with gaps creates a free space between the foot and the upper. This allows excess heat to escape upwards more easily, keeping the feet dry. The maxi-holes in the sole are combined with a “full size” membrane that covers the entire surface area, optimising breathability and the protective effect. The sole is designed around the foot's natural points of contact, ensuring very high levels of cushioning. This translates into Nebula's natural flexibility and dynamism.

Nebula shoes are made for travelling the world whilst caring for your feet. Like clouds, they know no seasons or boundaries: wear them every day, everywhere. Their technology ensures lightness and breathability for superior heat regulation. You'll feel like you are walking on clouds. The innovative technologies it comprises of ensure excellent levels of breathability over the entire foot, in all directions. Nebula™ breathes™ in 3 dimensions. Perfect for the road, urban life, travel and city breaks.

Cost: £120 available in-store February 2016 - Something to look forward to after the Christmas holidays!

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