Monday, 16 November 2015

Turning First World Problems into Third World Solutions: new ethical clothing brand FWP launches

FWP Clothing is a brand new ethically-minded t-shirt brand that helps to put the everyday into perspective with 10% of profits from each of their First World Problem t-shirt designs supporting a different Third World Need. First For Third.
Founders Greg and Jimmy, colleagues at innocent drinks, took inspiration from brands like TOMS shoes, and came up with the idea while at the office gym thinking about how we too often find ourselves complaining about menial things when there are real issues faced by many around the world. They then pitched for, and won, the £1000 innocent scholarship, voted by peers, to test the idea and have since launched the business with this funding.
 The launch range comprises of four designs in Men’s and Women’s variants for: Hope For Health, The Travel Foundation, Project Waterfall and Telecom Sans Frontieres
Price £25

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