Friday, 10 June 2016

Sophie Ellis-Bextor raises high fashion stakes at Ascot for Appletiser

Sophie is collaborating with Appletiser, the official soft drink of Ascot, to mark its 50th birthday having first appeared in 1966. She is the muse for five looks from five decades,including a black and white, newspaper print mini-dress, inspired by the swinging sixties and structured black and red polka dot pencil skirt suit, bringing to life the fierce fashion of the eighties.

 Each outfit was accessorised with a vintage bottle of Appletiser from that decade.  Known for her love of vintage clothes and distinct personal style,
Sophie Ellis-Bextor said, “I’ve loved looking back at the Ascot fashions of the last five decades with Appletiser. I didn’t realise the style of each decade was so distinctive, but once the hair and make-up was added, I felt like I was transported back in time. An iconic look to me is one that looks stylish and very of the moment; effortless and not too premeditated. When it comes to clothes, I always think it’s better to have tried and failed, then to play it safe.”

  Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s outfits were bespoke designs, created by Olwen Bourke and inspired by iconic styles of each decade.
Sophie gives her views on each look: 1960s “The 1960s is my favourite decade. I have lots of vintage 60s clothes. It’s a playful era, full of bold and daring prints. There’s a real sense of adventure – put it on and off you go!”
 1970s “To me, the 1970s were glam and more grown up. The longer lines, big bellowing sleeves and free flowing skirts were the epitome of bohemian chic.”
 1980s “When I think of the 1980s, I think of power dressing and tailoring. It was all about strong silhouettes, pencil skirts and high heels.”
 1990s “I was a teenager in the 1990s and this is when I first became aware of fashion. This look, in particular, is quite grown up but really flattering.”
 2000s “The look we’ve created for the noughties is quite simple, but the hat really adds drama to the outfit. I love hats but I hardly ever get to wear them. It’s the perfect outfit for Ascot.”

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