Monday, 18 July 2016

Argos Leads the Way by Offering Fairtrade Gold Wedding Rings

Argos will be the first UK high street retailer online to launch Fairtrade gold rings in stores nationwide.
The new lines of wedding bands are available in four different styles retailing from £99.99.

 There are also be a number of additional styles available online only at which can be delivered within 5 working days to a customer’s home.
 Each Fairtrade Wedding Ring will be imprinted with the unique Fairtrade Gold Stamp so that couples know that the miners were paid a fair price for the gold plus an extra amount of money in the form of the Fairtrade Premium, to invest in building their future.

 The launch comes at the height of 2016 wedding season, giving British couples choosing their wedding bands an opportunity to pick new styles with a beautiful story of provenance and integrity.

 The Fairtrade gold in the rings comes from SOTRAMI gold mine, located in the Atacama desert in Peru, 70 miles from the nearest town.
The artisanal smallscale mining community consists of 500 families and had little access to amenities such as shops and health care before selling on Fairtrade terms.
Photo credit: Nigel Wright

Since becoming certified, the miners have helped improve the lives of the town’s inhabitants by investing the Fairtrade Premium in a primary school and dentistry and a not-for-profit grocery store in the community so people can buy food at affordable prices.

 In the future they plan to help improve health care, waste management, electricity and water supplies for the town’s inhabitants.
 The introduction of the new Fairtrade styles is part of Argos’ ongoing commitment to good business practice including sourcing the best products while minimising social and environmental impact, securing long-term relationships and choosing products from traceable and well-managed supply chains which respect the environment and human rights.
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