Thursday, 6 October 2016

YOHANN FAYOLLE Spring-Summer 17 Paris RTW Fashion week

This collection combines softness and strength and symbolizes both masculine and feminine sides in each woman.

 It's a fragile balance between the softness of the lace and the rigidity of leather while wool make curves more masculine.

Wide cuts mess with the codes of classic style, while chains bring a provocative touch.

The pastel colors invites you to play with the ambiguous side of  femininity.

I will show you what you wanna see, but only what I wanna show you.
I'll wear your fantasies but only the way I decide it.
 I'm a sensitive and beautiful woman and I like to play.
 What you see is not what you will get, that's my force.

 The silk feels like a caress on my skin, you embrace me with your eyes

, the leather strangles me, and I sometimes suffocate under your love.

 I may look gentle in lace, but don't get this wrong, my softness is only apparent.

 I dress like a man because I'm stronger than you. I have temper and I'm smart. I'm unpredictable and therefore free to be misunderstood. I'm free to play with you and make you believe what I'm pleased to.

 If women think like this, Yohann Fayolle's been aware of their way of thinking.  He fully understands them in all their beauty and complexity.
He simply gives them the power be themselves.

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