Saturday, 4 March 2017

Zeynep Kartal AW17 at London Fashion Week

For AW17, Kartal takes her inspiration from the 1920s Glitz and Glamour age with emphasis on a strong steely woman with sexy defining her discipline with her femme fatal vices.

Zeynep conjures into the night with hand embellished antique rose motifs from the the legendary British florist of the 1920s Constance Spry mixing with high gloss satins and lace capturing the vintage decade.

With couture inspired silhouettes and 20s tailored flapper dresses coated with a slickness attitude on silk lace.

Constance yields a dynamic infusion of classic and modern, a new type of luxury with opulent evening wear that gives daywear a reminiscence to Spry's past and a celebration for the future.

Heavy exuberant embroideries in Art Deco shapes with silk fringes and ruffles,

clean cut tailoring, leafy printed macrame lace and spiral applique leaf embellishments using the unique Kartal signature of the finest natural silk fabrics.

Classic Tuxedo styles are given an elegantly casual make over to become more loungewear.

Refined tailoring takes inspiration from classic pyjama styles which move from night to day dressing.
Velvet gives textural relieve and a sumptuous relaxed feeling.

The key seasonal peacock hues include deep emerald and pea green for a forest like quality

 with chalk pink, rust and amethyst starring as the palette warmer for a look that's more transitional.

Creamier hues are mixed with nearly black night shades in a refined way.

Fabrics include silk, transparent chiffon, organza and handmade lace.
Photographs by Simon Armstrong

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