Saturday, 4 March 2017

Theo VII Studio AW17 at London Fashion Week

AW17 takes its inspiration from Shamanism, and curiousity was ignited from the Shaman's supernatural world, their dress, accessories and headwear, their rituals and rich cultural history.

Video of the show's finale:

Every ritual the Shamans perform and each place they travel, they leave marks on their robes to celebrate their wealth in knowledge and experience.

In the collection are multiple versions of fringing, the length and colour, with each strip representing the places they have  traveled to in the world.

The Sharman's have mirrors and many delicate silver accessories adorning their robes. Theo VII has reinvented this detail by using reflective sequins and beading techniques to create a rich and 3D effect.

Colour palette is autumnal warm and powerful tones combined with heavier darker cooler shades.

Photographer by Simon Armstrong

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