Monday, 20 March 2017

ENNIGALDI Handbags - For The Love of Art

The Mesopotamia Collection
The love of Art is at the core of Ennigaldi and the first collection is inspired by Mesopotamian art, which shows a unique emphasis on texture, weight and strong definition.
SARPANIT - Mother Goddess 

Drawing from a palette of majestic ultramarine and earthy tones of ochre and sand, the bags reflect the culture and aesthetics of Mesopotamia.
Each handbag is named after a Babylonian goddess and regarded as an amulet to guide and protect its carrier along their way.
TIAMET -Primordial Goddess of the Ocean

Instilled with unearthly powers to use on earth, every goddess is a testament to the powers and potential of every woman.
 The Babylonian goddesses can inspire today’s women to seize their power, their purpose and embark on their own unique journey.
AYA - Goddess of Light

Featuring laser-cut Babylonian motifs in the finest Italian leather, custom-designed Italian hardware and formed by the meticulous work of Italian craftsmen, the Ennigaldi handbag is not only inspired by art but is a work of art in itself.

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