Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Vimanas platform - A One-of-a-kind online jewellery platform.

The Vimanas platform will allow people to shop, customise, design, and sell what they create using their one-of-a-kind online jewellery platform.
They offer the greatest range of customisation options giving you creative freedom to truly express yourself with your jewellery. They make this possible with impressive user-friendly online tools and 3D printing techniques.

 Vimanas’ unique and functional platform offers a whole new way to shop for jewellery. Through its creative online tool users are presented with limitless opportunities to craft pieces that they love and let their imagination run wild. The versatile and user-friendly platform offers a whole host of ways to create exquisite and one of a kind jewellery, including taking textures from photographs, adding customised words, and allowing budding designers to draw styles freehand. Vimanas users will also be given the option to select the metal their creation will be crafted in and can even add precious stones to enhance their design.

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