Sunday, 30 September 2012

Antoni & Alison SS13 Collection - New Work in Colour

For their SS13 collection, the designer duo decided not to look back over their 25 year history, but to look forward to making 'New Work'. They used every colour they owned.

The hand rendered artworks are non computer originated and are drawn and painted with the designer's own hands. 

They feature the following mediums: 

Painted brush marks, Mixed Acrylics, Ink drawings, Dark Abstracts,

Spray can gestures,Charcoal smudges on cartridge paper,Sharp HB pencil lines.
Necessary sparkle and gold leaf.

Black felt tip pen & Collage.

The new 'prints' were then applied to new shapes

To create the correct shape for the correct artwork - silhouettes have been designed which are either  big,  long, triangular,....

..... rectangular, square or sometimes voluminous .

The shapes were changed to fit the marks and colours to create perfectly balanced ½ Antoni ½ Alison dresses. Sometimes certain areas were blacked out where colour was not required.

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