Tuesday, 4 September 2012

New Kobi Levi Footwear Designs - Flamingo, Ostrich & Stork

Kobi Levi's fascination with feathery creatures gives birth to a new triplet:

Flamingo, Ostrich and Stork! 
This time Kobi Levi chose to focus on birds, which are best known for their dominant long legs and iconic pose. Through a long process of research and development Kobi found a common silhouette for the three birds, which accentuates their striking features by simply altering the colour scheme. The upper for each design is hand-made from leather.

The Flamingo upper is made from pink glossy leather, which mimics it's wet and slippery body. The Ostrich upper is uniquely made from black rugged leather, which was chosen to resemble its bulky feathers.
A clear white leather was chosen for the Stork, to maintain its majestic look and contrast with its shiny orange beak. This birdy silhouette leans strongly on a specially designed and crafted stiletto heel, which combines the familiar stiletto shape with the thin bird legs. This heel is the most complicated part of this design.
Each piece is moulded in metal, painted and finished by hand to create the perfect shape for these designs. Each one of the three designs will be hand-made per order in limited editions of 20 pairs only per design. They are available in Euro sizes 36-42 from the brand website – www.kobilevidesign.com



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