Sunday, 16 September 2012

People Watching on Day 2 at London Fashion Week

Day two of London Fashion Week and the visitors fashion show off the catwalk is still producing show stoppers.

Milliner Tracy Rose always wears a different hat every day of London Fashion Week. Today is the turn of the silver hat with Tracy's dress trimmed with a matching hemline.
Her website is

Some of London Fashion Week's designers showcasied their Minnie Mouse inspired pieces today. To show her support in all things polka dots and Minnie Mouse, fashion blogger Jennifer Agwunobi arrived in a red polka dot dress from AX Paris and accessories from Disneyland Paris.
Check out her blog:

Vintage loving artist Florrie Clarke wore a pink wig on the first day of LFW. On the second day she opted for a blue wig. She makes a blue rinse look so cool! The hat creation is all her own work and the rest of the outfit is vintage. For some of her artwork check out:

Identical twin sisters Polly and Sophie have a great way of helping remember who is who - different coloured fringes. Well it would be if I knew who had which colour in the first place! The sisters are the singers in the Festival music band MyBadSister.



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