Saturday, 13 October 2012

Ashish SS13 Collection

This season the Ashish girl is a maths geek and so a fashion prime number.
There’s a numeric print on oversized wonky boyfriend shirts and denims.

This collection takes the idea of mix and match literally, slicing through garments to create new hybrids such as the above denim/sequin jacket.

Trousers are half and half: one leg sequined whilst the other is matt.....

..... one leg skinny whilst the other is palazzo style.

Sequin statements begin with I'm Serious and end in Tres Fatique

Ashish sequins shine gloriously in a shaggy tinsel style.

Plain sequin tops look day casual teamed with jogging pants and denims .......

.........but are completely backless revealing a sexy side (check out the retreating models in the above images)

Love the see through sequin spotted top and skirt both teamed with a crisp white wonky shirt.

The collection's achieved style is a random just thrown together look but as a maths geek, is it calculated?

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