Monday, 1 October 2012

Pam Hogg SS13 Collection

It’s ShowTime!Pam Hogg’s pieces are not the most wearable for your average girl in the street, but that doesn’t mean her collection is not to die for.

 Titled ‘Save Our Souls’ the show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout started with a model clad in bandages followed by nurses flimsily dressed to give any man a heart attack. 

The style changed to a combination of futuristic nurse and air hostess look with zips galore....

, and from clinical white to a rainbow of metallic colours.

There was also a bit of the Showgirl glitz with sequins and tulle.

 At the end it was Hogg’s love of the Victorian crinoline skirt that wowed everyone. Here in its skeletal state baring all that is underneath. 

Save our souls? I think we’re doomed.

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