Thursday, 11 October 2012

UNIQLO & Comptoir des Cotonniers create Mademoiselle Plume down jacket

French Fashion meets Japanese Technology and 'Mademoiselle Plume', a new Premium light down jacket was created jointly UNIQLO and Comptoir des Cotonniers
Mademoiselle Plume

Mademoiselle Plume is a featherweight, box-cut down jacket combining the French touch embodied by Comptoir des Cotonniers and Japanese technology epitomized by UNIQLO.

Delphine Ninous, style director at Comptoir, brings her fashion touch:
'I was inspired by the box-cut jackets Parisian women are so fond of, adding fine leather piping to outline the contours’

Uniqlo and Comptoir des Cotonniers celebrated the collaboration by hosting a party at the end of Paris Fashion Week and welcoming the start of Autumn Winter season with the arrival of this limited edition jacket. Held at the opulent Salle Wagram, Paris, in association with La Clique dancers performed throughout the evening by troop 'I could never be a dancer', around a enormous balloon house installation by Hans Hemmert, all dressed head to toe in Uniqlo and Comptoir des Cotonniers outfits.

Delphine Ninous & Alysson Paradis
Creative Director Delphine Ninous partied with the crowds who enjoyed an on hand photo booth to capture the Parisian frolics.


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