Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ashish AW13 Collection - ~Working Girl

Last season the Ashish girl was a young maths geek. This season she is all grown up and working.  Her new work attire is not inspired by the office, but from manual workwear:

 the high visibility yellow vest with reflective tapes, aprons, boiler suits. 

Prints are of checks,

 tartan and......

....  the black and white distinct pattern found on the Keffiyeh (Arab headdress).

 She is the best dressed labourer on the building site.

 Her sweaters may have added plastic pockets and silver reflective straps, but they are of luxurious  mohair.  

 And that tartan blanket she wraps around herself to keep warm on her tea breaks is sparkling with sequins.   

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