Sunday, 3 March 2013

Umberti Giannini Frizzi Hair Products - Damp Is the Enemy

Most of us feel our spirits fall when we’ve washed; blow dried and curled or straightened our hair to an inch of its life only to step out into a fine mist of rain.
This is the worst kind as the normally hero umbrella is no match for this sneaky precipitation that can float around the air and creep inside our brollies to lightly dampen our hair resulting in a fine halo of frizz marring our perfectly smooth locks.

But as I stepped out into this mist to start a heavy schedule of press days, one group of people were overjoyed with the weather and couldn’t have hoped for better.

No they were not a mist worshipping cult but the Umberto Giannini team who were eager for the chance to show off their new Frizzi hair product range and the weather gave them the perfect scenario. Arriving on the scene I was happy to see them and praying they could perform a miracle on my now fuzz ball hairstyle.

Miracle Worker with Argan Oil 
Speaking of miracles, their hero product is called ‘Miracle Worker with Argan Oil’ and is described as the guardian angel in the fight against frizz. Paul Gooch, Artistic Director of Umberto Giannini, says ‘The two products that truly transform the behaviour and appearance of frizzy hair are silicones and Argan oil. If you could only have one product to fight frizz this is it’.  This little angel is a blend of silicone and argan oil to protect, gloss and seal the hair (silicone) as well as restore and smooth (argan oil).

Day After Day Extreme Taming Spray 
But for today the UG team decided that the best course of action to heal my wounded hair and get it fighting fit to face the enemy Damp was the product ‘Day After Day Extreme Taming Spray’ with weatherproof formula. This acts like an invisible shower cap to repel moisture and humidity and holds your heat styled hair (it is heat activated) for up to three days.
 After spritzing, my hair was straightened with irons to seal in tamer’s powers. Protected  with my ‘invisible shower cap’ on I was sent out to face the enemy Damp and I must say there was not a frizz in sight.

Intense Recovery Mask with Argan Oil 
All hair should be treated to an intensive conditioner now and again.  It also gives you an opportunity to soak and relax in the bath whilst the mask gets to work. But if you're like me and haven't the time for those long baths, this speedy mask can work in a couple of minutes.  


Transformation Fluid Silicone Serum 
This can be used on towel dried hair just before blow drying, but also is great as a finishing product if like mine your hair is dry and frizzy.. But use sparingly, especially if you have thin hair,  as you only want to flatten the frizz not the whole hair!.

The range also includes shampoo, conditioner,  styling spray, and blow dry cream:

Bad Hair Day -Smoothing Shampoo


Make My Day - Smoothing Conditioner

Styling Spray 

Rebel Without The Coarse - Dramatic Results Styling Spray

Blow Dry Cream 

All Frizzi products are available from Boots stores and Umberto Giannini salons.
And of course online:

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  1. Oh I need these products badly.



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