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Avant-Premiere de Chanel - new lip & nail collection

CHANEL's new Avant-Première de CHANEL, a new lip and nail collection is inspired by iconic French cinema. Available nationwide from 5th April 2013
Photographer: Iris Velghe

COLLECTION AVANT-PREMIÈRE DE CHANEL opens a new chapter in the ROUGE COCO and ROUGE COCO SHINE saga. When you decide how to live your life, wear LE ROUGE CHANEL. When you live your life with spontaneity, charm and freedom, wear ROUGE COCO. It represents bold, unpredictable and boundless femininity.

Model Sigrid Agran. Photographer: Solve Sundsbo

Inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s style, ROUGE COCO embodies a carefree spirit on attitude. It draws on the legend of Mademoiselle to define a free-spirited femininity. Six unprecedented shades inspired by the cinema backstage atmosphere.
 48 SENTIMENT  Natural beige with peach tones: the style and modernity of the faces of the French New Wave.
 49 LIAISON Soft satiny pink: attractiveness come in pink in its original version.
 51 CE SOIR Plum brown: the enigmatic style of the heroines of black and white movies. 
52 GRÂCE Rosewood with copper accents: the timeless charm of a great classic.
 53 AMANT Half-tone orange red: a subtle interpre- tation of a radiant smile.
54 LE BAISER Deep pink with golden shimmer: the ideal partner for a leading roles.

Photographer: Iris Velghe

In 2013, ROUGE COCO SHINE, the lip shine by CHANEL, extends its range of semi-transparent shades with a palette of deeper colours. With 30% additional pigments in a melt-away texture, the 8 new shades bring extra intensity to the colour, while keeping extreme shine. For this Collection, CHANEL presents a tribute to the fragile grace of movie icons a palette of half-shades.

 Shades are:
77 INGÉNUE A golden beige enhanced with shimme- ring matching tones redefines the ele- gance of naturalness.
78 INTERLUDE An intense coral peach that delicately highlights natural beauty.
 79 SAGA A tender and pure pink dresses the lips in romantic softness.
 80 SUSPENSE A fuchsia sprinkled with matching pearl brings a modern expression of feminity.
 81 FICTION A garnet plum radiant with golden pearl is the epitome of a dazzling smile.
 82 SYNOPSIS An icy brown enhances the lips with a sophisticated note.
 83 SCÉNARIO A pure red toned brown asserts the irresistible personality of warm tones.
 84 DIALOGUE An intense red plays on contemporary seduction
Photographer: Iris Velghe

For nails, LE VERNIS: The charm of eternal icons brings fresh- ness and whimsy to today’s women thanks to the creation of four timeless nail colour shades to choose from depending on your mood.
575 STARLET A peach pink shade radiant with a heart of golden pearl.
 579 PAPARAZZI An intense and luminous intense plum brown.
 581 CINÉMA A half-tone red brightened with a touch of orange.
 599 PROVOCATION A unique plum shade.

Photographer: Iris Velghe

Available nationwide from 5th April 2013

On 28 June, The new Collection LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES reveals the multiple facets of the gloss and sparkling femininity.
On 27 September.The new Collection ROUGE ALLURE highlights daring femininity that leaves behind an indelible memory.

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