Monday, 31 March 2014

Academy Award® winning film Frozen to be sold from freezers in Sainsbury’s frozen aisle

Grocery shoppers in London today are in for an icy surprise as the multi award-winning film Frozen will be sold from the sub-zero temperatures of the frozen foods aisle in a unique, first of its kind retail trial. 

For one day only visitors to Sainsbury’s Wandsworth can pick up their copy of the film, which is released nationwide on Blu-ray™ and DVD today, straight from the freezer whilst shopping for their frozen produce. 

The ice cool initiative marks the first time a film has been sold in this way. 

Celebrity mum Denise Van Outen was the first shopper to pick up a copy of the film from its unique new home at the south London store. “DVDs aren’t something you expect to find in the frozen aisle, but Frozen is an extraordinary film so it is only right that it is sold in an extraordinary way.”

Ziggie Singh, Store Manager at Sainsbury’s Wandsworth, said:
“DVDs and Blu-rays usually sit in our entertainment section, but with Frozen we wanted to do something a little different and bring it to our customers in a new and exciting way. It’s the perfect film for families, and now mums and dads can pick up a copy whilst shopping for their frozen goods.” 

Frozen has broken all records to become the biggest Walt Disney Animation Studios most successful feature of all time taking over $1 billion globally and over £39 million in the UK and Ireland alone.

Frozen is available from today on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD.

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