Thursday, 13 March 2014

Ong-Oaj Pairam Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection at London Fashion Week

For AW14, Ong continues his love of the polished 1950’s style, but this time he adds danger in to this carefully groomed look taking inspiration from his two favourite Disney anti-heroine’s:  Little Mermaid’s Ursula and 101 Dalmatians’ Cruella Deville.

In true Ursula style, bustier dresses graced the catwalk.  Full skirts flare as though Ursula is flexing her octopus tentacles muscles, whilst others skim her body.

Adorned by what appears to be scattered appliqué flowers but on closer inspection show they are Ursula’s octopus suckers meticulously hand stitched to achieve the suction cup dimension.

The more uptight Cruella makes an appearance with fluid tea length dresses, long sleeves and high necklines showing this villainess is prim if not proper.  However she does have a trick up her sleeve, or rather her sexy keyhole back.

Danger lurked amongst Ong’s prints which were inspired by the darker works of American modernist artist Charley Harper and the exploration of toxic animals and plants. In monochrome black and grey, simple images of crocodiles and leopards camouflage themselves amongst the chevron and stripe bands.

The striped lion fish created an attractive pattern as they spread out their needle like venomous dorsal fins, whilst on the sleeve the poison dart frog  joined together  to emulate the dogtooth pattern.  Adding a touch of purity to all the danger are the white lotus flower appliqués scattered randomly on the bottom of the long skirt.

Unassuming lily pads are transformed into the more imposing crocodile skin print.

Colour accents of toxic brights include acid yellows, sulphate blues and algae green.

Shoes and belts (both designed by Ong) compliment the outfits with their bright metallic snakeskin print leather.

For evening wear Ong chooses fluid silks. His deep sea blue gown billowed down the catwalk like rippling water.

The silks provided the perfect moving canvas for Ong’s evening scenery prints.  Waterfalls gush freely whilst the poison dart frogs hide amongst the rocks.

But all is not dangerous as amongst the leopard prints, poison dart frogs, stinging nettles and poison ivy is the pure white lotus flower.
Ong’s full collection can be seen on
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