Sunday, 6 July 2014


Titled ‘Progression & Motion’ , the starting point for Sportmax Resort 2015 is an expression of feminine movement. The collection works to minimize details and focus on purity. Emphasis is placed on the grace and strength of a woman, exaggerating slight movement with a flurry of pleats or the fullness of a skirt.

Colour palette ranges from classic black and deep blues to vibrant red and mint green with accents of brilliant white.  Sportmax Resort reflects the anticipation of a new spring season and the desire to peel off dark layers and don uplifting colours with fresh light fabrics.  

Gary Hume inspired prints appear textured in haphazard oversized marker scribbles.

Relaxed in nature, the collection juxtaposes with masculine and feminine with mannish slouchy suits and feminine dresses nipped in at the waist .

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