Saturday, 24 September 2011

Dans La Vie Spring/Summer 2012 collection at London Fashion Week

Originally a print brand only, Japanese designer Rira Sugawara’s Dans La Vie has now evolved in to a full blown label.
The print theme for her SS12 collection started as Clash Beauty and was inspired by the aftermath of Tokyo’s earthquake in March. The collection has since developed with Madonnas overcoming the situation in the style of ‘My Pop Madonna’ with four musicians and four different prints and Rose’s motif.
The four prints were:

‘Camouflage Madonna’ 

The face of a green Madonna hiding amongst foliage and behind orange and black stripes. 
The musician is Madonna herself and the song chosen was ‘Like a Prayer’ with a dark red cross on the top of a pyjama style top and pants set.

 ‘Red Angel’  
Cherubs amongst oversized red flowers on a caramel background. Here Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ played.

 ‘Rose Madonna’ 

The face of a pink Madonna amongst pink roses, hearts and cherubs climbing ladders. 
Touches of blue are added here and there.  Rihanna sings ‘Only Girl’

‘City Tokyo’ 
Street scenes next to religious figures and green apples being a dominant image. This time it was Lady Gaga singing’ Born this Way’

There was a 50’s vibe with the calf length full skirted shirt dresses and their wide belts 

and the holiday style shorts and matching blouse sets.

Although of course for Lady Gaga there was the not so 50’s style diaphanous blouse with black plasters covering the nipples.

Loved the plastic coating over the fabric used for the skirts and mac.

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