Sunday, 25 September 2011

A La Disposition Spring/Summer 2012 collection at London Fashion Week

Titled ‘Mechanical fAILURE’, this collection’s aim was to form an expression of defiance in an age of retraction.
It was a high contrast of fabrics, shapes and colours coming together.

Neutral shades of khaki, black and beige with the richer yellows and iridescent purples.
Crisp cottons and wool with taffeta silks. 
Sharply tailored serious shirts with the more flirty voluminous short trousers and skirts.
Knee length jodhpurs created movement with their 3D folds imitating a propeller...
whilst the bunching up of fabric on taffeta skirts and
dresses created the illusion of light fluffy clouds. All were paired with no nonsense tailored blouses which gave a grounded and edgier feel to the whole look.

The only failure present here was in the title.

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