Saturday, 19 March 2011

Flying the nest is A LA DISPOSITION AW11 Collection at London Fashion Week

From the title of the collection ‘Utopian Aviary’ I was expecting  feathers or bird prints,

but instead I was pleasantly surprised with sharp tailoring and fabrics made to emulate the bird form and shape by layering, ruffling, pinking and gathering of fabrics.

The opening model wore matching cape and pencil skirt made from short faux fur in ridged lines of black and white. The cape was not of the usual free flowing style but tightly fitted across the shoulders
and formed a tail coat at the back; the pencil skirt was made up of layers opening across the front like the layering of feathers.
Necklines were high with either long thin feather like bows pointing upwards as in flight,
or multi layered voluminous collars circling the throat as a bird would puff out its plumage to attract a mate. 

 Plain body skimming shift dresses are given texture from shoulder to the throat with high gathered necklines pulled in as you would a cloth bag, 

whilst the shoulders of jackets are puffed out with extra overlapping layers like feathers..  

Colour palette was a base of black with 

the more mate attracting rich tones of oranges, 


and blues. 

Fabrics of faux fur, gossamer silks, taffeta,

velvet and chiffons gave texture.

The silhouettes ranged from the streamline shape of flat overlapping layers representing the smaller birds 

to the stiffer structural shaped skirts and dresses with layers crossing over each other at the back like the tail feathers of a bird.  

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