Thursday, 17 March 2011

Omar Mansoor AW11 Collection at London Fashion Week

The title of Omar’s evening gowns collection was ‘Paradise Lost’ 
and he took his inspiration from John Milton’s epic poem of the same name, in which Adam and Eve’s temptation by the fallen angel Satan and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden is described.  
The colour palette was a range of purple shades from the palest greyish purple to deeper but muted hues; 

and a range of muted greens from the mustard greens to olives.

The purples represent flowers
whilst the shades of green suggest the leaves in the Garden of Eden.
The opening gown shone with its metallic gold panels emblazoned on the folded chiffon bodice like the rays of the sun.
A short cocktail dress seemed to represent the happy days in the garden with its shiny satin silk in top pleated in shades of fresh lime greens and its floaty chiffon skirt dancing with its embellished flowers.
 Layers of chiffon fall like delicate shreds to form the skirt of a satin silk ruched cocktail dress in light aniseed green,
whilst a long simple lilac gown in satin silk was given texture with a crisscross patterned bodice.  
Delicate woven lace flowers, layers of sheer fabrics, asymmetrical hemlines,

and dramatic necklines symbolise the story of sin, angels, curiosity and beauty.

Photography by Shahid Malik

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