Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Jacob Kimmie AW11 collection at London Fashion Week

Posing on pedestals were two buff guys in what looked like nappies – but on closer inspection (any excuse hey?) the fabric was tulle and inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe’s photograph ‘White Gauze’
Titled ‘Martyr’, the collection was quite eclectic in styles and fabrics.
Ranging from the fairly innocuous looking grainy denim pieces with the raw cut skirt lengths graduating longer at the back
to the darker diaphanous black drapes and eerie black tulle headpieces wrapped tightly round the models’ heads.
Looking like something out of a horror movie were two models dressed all in white with splashes of blood red, one over her bare arm whilst the other’s head and shoulders were covered and stained the top of her pure satin dress
More subdued were the sharp tailored black wool crepe panelled dresses
and skirts adorned with a trail of long ribbon ties teamed with tights and body stockings in barbed wire and thorn prints bringing a tattoo effect.
Thorny black and white prints also covered a billowing maxi dress and fluid minis again with the graduating hemline.
Just glad it wasn’t my final show of the evening or I may have suffered from nightmares.

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